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CEO-V has created a unique eyewear concept for business glasses combining quality and styling with the ultimate in practicality. We call it “CEO VISION”.  Its high quality and sleek style makes them attractive to wear and easy to maintain. Have you ever misplaced your glasses? If yes, CEO-V eyewear would be perfect for you.


When not in use the design of CEO-V features a patented system that allows the glasses to be worn around the neck without the need for a cord or chain. Alternatively the CEO-V frame can be stored in an ultra-slim protective case.


Our objective was to create the best folding business glasses. CEO-V, through superior design innovation and manufacture, takes the concept of foldable business glasses to a new level. The CEO-V series is designed especially for business executives aged 30 to 40. To bring more comfort and convenience to the users, the series carry progressive lenses as well.


For further comfort the retractable sleeves of CEO-V that form the loop around the neck are made of anti-allergic silicone. CEO-V comes with a handy finger grip cleaning cloth to ensure your eyewear is always clean.

The CEO-V Collection is developed for maximum performance, comfort and durability.  They are perfect for confident and successful professionals who work hard, play hard and enjoy life. They are stylish and designed excellently for easy accessibility and portability.

Since it is founding in 1983 in Los Angeles, Dakota Smith has always been a leading player in the American fashion eyewear market. It is no ordinary eyewear brand, it itself is an attitude, a lifestyle with spirit and conviction. It also epitomizes the American’s perseverance and idealism. Dakota Smith advocates freedom of expression, naturalism and innovations.

Design Concept

Dakota Smith is designed to meet the needs of 21 to 60-year old trendsetting men, targeting the much desired yet niche segment of the eyewear market. It astutely combines clear modern form, conventional colours and stylish metallic detail in its designs; together with its unique brand concept and the patented German PIVOFLEX™ structuring technique for a ultralight flexible frame, Dakota Smith’s eyewear is pragmatic, fashionable and comfortable.

Material Content

Material is of advanced imported sheet rubber, solid color, transparent, and not easy to be soured. Stainless steel material with multi-layer inspection, high accuracy with laser cutting; Laser textured surface treatment.
Polarized lenses to be provided under sunglasses series.
Frames are produced by sizable factory with ISO 9001 and IS014001 which passed through CE, the United States and the European Union REACH standard after series of testing.

Light as a feather – Tough as nails

Nothing ruins a great eyewear experience like a frame that places too much pressure on your bridge and ears. You feel the pinch and it can become downright painful after only an hour or two. We address this problem head-on by using a unique combination of efficient design and the lightest and strongest frame materials available, including PURE Titanium (no titanium alloys here!) The entire range of frames in the new Dakota Smith Los Angeles universal fit collection puts an end to this annoying “weight problem”. Place these frames on your face and be careful – we can’t be held responsible if you forget they’re there! The Dakota Smith Los Angeles Universal Fit Collection; light as a feather — tough as nails.

Laura Ashley, one of the world’s best loved fashion and home furnishing brands, started from very humble beginnings. Founded on traditional values and originality, our quintessentially English brand is revisiting its rich heritage to celebrate 60 inspiring years of innovative design.

Inspired by a display of traditional Victorian fabric at the Victoria Albert Museum in London, Laura and Bernard Ashley began printing textiles on their kitchen table in 1953. The prints, in the form of headscarves, were an instant success and Laura Ashley was on its way to becoming an international company with a brand recognized and loved around the globe.

Over the years, Laura Ashley expanded to include apparel, home furnishings, accessories, and fragrance, and became an original lifestyle brand. Laura Ashley is known as the quintessential English brand, synonymous with quality, creativity, and individuality- a symbol of timeless, relaxed living.

Today, Laura Ashley focuses on becoming the ultimate destination brand for home products, women’s wear and children’s wean Drawing on an over 50-year heritage, Laura Ashley collections are made relevant with a refreshed colour pallet and new twists on traditional styles. Strengthened by a strategic licensing operation in the U.S., and a global retail presence that includes over 500 stores, Laura Ashley has remained a brand that continues to be loved by sophisticated women around the world.

One of the latest product lines from the BOXX Eyewear series is the MINIBOXX. Spot on to its name, the MINIBOXX is a new line of design in glasses that are made especially for children aged 3 to 9.

When buying children’s eyeglasses, the designers behind MINIBOXX are well aware of the fact that not only fashion and frame colour are significant factor, that it is essential to consider the fit of the frame and their durability as well.


One of the major features in the MINIBOXX series is frame flexibility, which enables the glasses to withstand everyday wear and tear. The MINIBOXX has both metal and plastic frames. The front of the metal frames is made of titanium and that of the plastic frames is made with acetate.
The temples of both styles are mark from a combination of rubber, nylon and magnet parts. Each style comes with spring hinges that allow the temples to flex in either direction. These materials are light-weight to ensure prolonged wearing yet sturdy enough to prevent breakage which holds up well with children


Function In addition to its playful and colourful fashion style. the MINIBOXX places equal impor-tance on its practicality and functionality as well. Each pair of MINIBOXX eyewear comes with extension temples made with MAGNETIC 772S. This feature acts as a secure loop to prevent the eyewear from dislodging in the face area.
As most children are active and unaware of contact impact when engaged in sports, this concept proves to be a safety must. The length of the secure loop is adjustable so that the users can wear the glasses around the neck making them less cumber-some when it comes to mobility.


The MINIBOXX eyewear series carries both BOY and GIRL Collections.

For boys

The frames of this series come in the vibrant colours of light blue, yellow and green. These colours signify bliss and happiness which bring out the cool and outgoing style of the boyish personality.

For girls

The frame of this series come in dazzling colours of light pink, red and orange which matches the exact aesthetics of the girlish personality, being fun, cute, sweet and everything nice.

PAULO PILIPE has created an eyewear concept combining styling with the ultimate comfort. We call it “Anti-Gravity Eyewear”. Its sleek style and unique system makes them attractive to wear and extremely easy on your nose. Have you ever felt this heavy weight on your nose-bridge with your glasses? If yes, PP EYEWEAR would be perfect for you.


TGS (Temple Gripping System) uses leverage mechanism to relief bridge pressure (BLE Bridge Lifting Effect) and provides Anti-Slipping Effect. Therefore PP EYEWEAR is extremely comfortable to wear.

Material and Design

Made with sheet-metal to achieve the slim and simplistic look without giving up durability. PP is flexible and extremely durable.


Metal and plastic frames are made with dual tone combination to give highlights to the subtleness of the frame.

The PAULO PILIPE EYEWEAR Collection is developed for comfort, style and durability. They are perfect for confident and successful people who work hard, play hard and enjoy life.

Brand Story

Established by one of the vanguard in eyewear manufacturing industry, RETROCRAFT was given with the exceptional aptitude of extraordinary design and engineering skills for optical frames and sunglasses under the notable brand names. With the experience from the past and insight for the future, RETROCRAFT define itself as a high quality contemporary eyewear brand.

By taking “R” from Retro and “C” from Craft, the logo speaks vividly for it’s direction and practice of blending significant designs and superior craftsmanship from last centuries to nowadays, RETROCRAFT is made to be the new classic


Alongside with a strong support of fine Italian craftsmanship base in Italy, RETROCRAFT inherited over 50 years of industrial proficiencies, as well as an exclusive team set up particularly for our collections. Besides the ISO 9001 standard, RETROCRAFT is also an interaction field where we pairs craftsmen’s handicraft & designers’creativity to produce our ultimate pieces. Although having a great foundation of remarkable handcraft techniques and mechanical backups, it has not stopped us on reinforcing new materials and fresh concepts for the best-fit substance and ideas. RETROCRAFT is aspiring to create high standard product lines that highlight the value of wonderful workmanship and meticulously design that worthy timelessly.